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Hi! Thank you for visiting my website.

I'm going to be honest, it feels strange to write an About Me. But this is my space, so here it goes... :)

My name is Affy, and I am an actor.

My middle name is Hope.

I am MestizaI'm a mix of Filipino, Jordanian/West Asian, and South European descent.

I am a cat auntie to a sweet tabby named Biscuit.

I am both an artist and a scientist. I started singing, writing stories, drawing, and playing piano when I was a kid. I studied ballet, jazz, and hip-hop dance for seven years. And I used to be a medical laboratory technologist -- or clinical laboratory scientist. (These are the people you see doing cool medical and forensic tests on TV. But real life.)

I almost became a doctor. But while friends were prepping for med school, I decided I couldn't go because I couldn't stop thinking about acting. (And hey, I didn't have to study as much. Or so I thought...)

I went to the library to read plays and old, dusty acting books, not medical ones.

I wish I went to drama school. Yale Drama is still a dream. But hey, we do what we can, with what we have, where we are. So I earned my health degree and worked in a lab.


Healthcare taught me a lot about courage, kindness, and service. Some patients and their stories will always stay with me.

Even with long hospital hours, I was able to take workshops and train. I didn't have as much access to resources then, but I did find Ivana Chubbuck's "The Power of the Actor". It was the first book I owned, and later, she became the first acting coach I met - very unexpectedly. I didn't expect that a coach from Los Angeles would fly to Manila.

Eventually, I went to film school full-time where I focused on acting and production.

Other non-acting stuff about me: I play chess and volleyball. I can swim and bike. I've gone scuba diving a few times. I love the sea.

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